ENTO Digital Otoscope - Wired


  • DISRUPTIVELY PRICED DIGITAL OTOSCOPE - The only affordable digital otoscope on the market today, the ENTO is a third of the price of its closest competitor, finally making digital ear imaging accessible to the consumer.

  • PC & MAC COMPATIBLE - Compatible with all versions of Mac OS and Windows, it does not require any drivers or software. With true Plug n' Play compatibility, set up is as simple as plugging ENTO in and opening built-in Windows or Mac camera software. *Windows 7, 8, and Vista require the download of ENTO software*
  • ONLY WIDE-ANGLE OTOSCOPE – The patent-pending design allows a panoramic view of the ear canal and ear drum. This makes it significantly more user-friendly than traditional otoscopes with their narrow field-of-view. Having a wide-angle view eliminates the need to constantly change positions by providing the ability to see the entire eardrum at once.
  • VIEW, SHARE & TRACK – View live video of your ear, capture photos and video, and even live stream video over teleconferencing software such as Skype. Saved photos and video can be shared over email with your medical professional. For assessing health and illness at home, save pictures of a healthy ear to have a baseline picture to compare against when ear aches and sore throats occur.
  • GREAT FOR KIDS & OLDER ADULTS – ENTO is the perfect tool for at-home ear inspections of kids, who are more prone to ear infections, and for those who have ear tubes. For older adults, who are more prone to excessive and impacted ear wax, ENTO allows them to identify the problem at home and determine if it is excessive earwax or an ear infection